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Tree Perc Jig

Tree Perc Jig

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Anodized aluminum jig for producing tree percolators for rigs and bongs. CNC machined from billet aluminum with a smooth satin anodized finish. These jigs include a brass thumbscrew to securely hold the 12.7mm center blow tube in place as well as a loop spring to hold the tree arm tubes in position while you weld them to the center tube. The angled waist combines with the loop spring to make these jigs FAST AND EASY to load and assemble! Simply press the arm tubes into the holes and it pushes the spring down and then snaps back into position when the tube is at bottom. When complete just loosen the side screw and push the tree out! No clamps or wires required.

These jigs allow for wire or narrow hose clamps if you prefer them.

The six hole jigs are sized to allow 6 x 9.5mm arm tubes to fit into MINIMUM 44mm heavy wall tubing. It will also hold 8mm tubes on the arms

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