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Lathe Accessories

Keep tools, glass and small equipment close at hand for optimum workspace efficiency

Heat Control


Keep your workpiece safe from temperature related failures with our Flexburners

Gas Management


Our colorful billet aluminum manifolds offer safe and efficient routing of gasses throughout your workshop

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Click the image above to learn more about the individual products

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We offer multiple size options of burners for different applications

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DescriptionThe smallest bunsen burner available! A CNC machined billet aluminum body and all brass burner parts make this durable little... This single barrel Miniburner has a fully adjustable nozzle like the original Microburner but larger. It is the same nozzle... The original and only multi position bunsen burner available! CNC machined billet aluminum body with four rotating burner tips allows... We took the Flexburner swiveling flame nozzles to a new length and shape. The FlexburnerXL is a ribbon style burner...


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