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This single barrel Miniburner has a fully adjustable nozzle like the original Microburner but larger. It is the same nozzle available as an option on our Flexburners so puts out more heat than the standard Microburner. Adjustable from soft propane candle flame to a hot focused blue flame allows you to add as much or as little heat as you need with a simple turn of the nozzle!
It is slightly taller at 2.50” compared to the 1.90” tall Microburner. 
Black anodized aluminum body with a colored nozzle spacer to match all you favorite Madhatter tools! This little blaster has a hidden powerful neodymium magnet in the base along with a tapped hole for hard mounting to our Flexmount Offset Bracket or mount of your choice.

The Standard Miniburner can also be retrofit upgraded to Plus with an available airflow sleeve. 

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