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Manifold, 14 Port, Deluxe

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This is a gas distribution manifold specifically designed for the professional glassblower. CNC machined from billet aluminum, this manifold has two independent paths for gas (propane) and oxygen. Connect the supply tanks to one set of ports and connect up to FIVE torches to the compact manifold.

This Deluxe model has a glossy finish and includes TWO EXTRA BONUS PORTS for bunsen burners on the back of the manifold.

SIZE: 4.4”L X 1.9”W X 2.3”T - Mounting holes are 2” apart and accept up to 1/4” screws

Typical application is for expanding a glass shop to include a glass lathe and required torches or expanding from a single torch station to multiple station or multi torch work space.

Manifold DOES NOT have adjustability for different flow rates or pressures to each torch.