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Flexburner, Gen 2.0

Flexburner, Gen 2.0

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The original and only multi position bunsen burner available!

CNC machined billet aluminum body with four rotating burner tips allows huge flexibility in the heat distribution on the workpiece. The body has a powerful neodymium magnet concealed in the base making the Flexburner extremely compact such a large flame coverage! The bottom is also threaded for screw attachment to a Flexmount or bracket.

The Madhatter Flexburner has four brass burner nozzles that each swivel up to 20 degrees and stay in position. This allows the artist to customize the heat pattern of the burner from concentrated center fire to a wide “crown flame” and everything in between.

The  STANDARD nozzles do NOT have individual flame size or chemistry adjustment, all burners are controlled by a single input valve which is SOLD SEPARATELY.

The PLUS nozzle have ADJUSTABLE AIR FLOW CONTROL on each nozzle. The flame is stable at propane pressures from 2 to 10psi but must be throttle controlled above 4psi with a needle valve which is SOLD SEPARATELY.


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